Living In the Light of Eternity

How Current Events Relate to Biblical Prophecy!

Living in the Light of Eternity

The Bible never predicts the end of the world! In fact, the phrase, “world without end,” is used twice in the King James Bible – Isaiah 45:17, and Ephesians 3:21. Therefore, when someone says we are near the end, we need to be able to explain to them that, while we will never see the “end of the world”, we have arrived at:

· The end of the church age – The Day of the Gentiles will end with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!
· The end of the current world system – when Jesus comes again, He will rule the world with “truth and grace” – no political systems at all.
· The end of the current natural world – when Jesus comes again, heaven will come to earth as well, as will the tabernacle of God!