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Author Archives: Wayne Edwards

For Three Transgressions and for FOUR: God’s Limit on Sin

As I heard the story, having listened to her kindergartner repeatedly bang the refrigerator door.......Read More

Sunday, December 5 – The second Sunday of Advent Readings

Peace On this second Sunday of Advent, we relight The Hope Candle and light The.......Read More

Saturday, December 4

 The Preparation of Rahab’s Faith – The news of how the God of Israel had.......Read More

Friday, December 3

“Rahab: A Woman of Faith” Read: Matthew 1:1-17, Joshua 2:1-14 Because of her profession, Rahab,.......Read More

Thursday, December 2

Jesus’ Family – Genesis 38:27-30 Tamar gave birth to two sons: Zarah – which meant.......Read More

Wednesday, December 1

Judah’s Folly – Genesis 38:20-26 When Judah discovered Tamar was pregnant, he quickly accused her.......Read More

Tuesday, November 30

Judah’s Fornication – Genesis 38:12-19 Since Tamar was not allowed to marry outside Judah’s family,.......Read More

Monday, November 29

Tamar: The Seeker of Justice Read: Matthew 1:1-17, Genesis 38:1-30 Tamar was the daughter-in-law of.......Read More

Sunday, November 28 – The First Sunday of Advent Readings

Hope To help us celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, we will be lighting the.......Read More


Advent is a season of waiting, expecting, and hoping. The word “advent” comes from the.......Read More