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Psalm 85:8-13

Anytime problems arise it’s easy to question the nature of a relationship. Is the pain worth it? Can we really work things out? What if I get hurt again? And yet, when your heart is invested and the love you feel is real and deep, all you can do is to make yourself vulnerable again, reach out in humility and pray for healing to come along.

The analogy doesn’t fit perfectly, but much of the same can be said of our relationship with God. God pursued that intimacy with us, in love, hoping we would respond to Him in love, and do whatever we needed to do to keep that relationship healthy! Right now, even at this moment, before we read another word, we need to seek God’s forgiveness for the times we have neglected the One whose love for us has never changed!

We never know for sure what reconciliation will look like— with the Lord or with others, but we certainly know where it begins. Love and faithfulness meet when righteousness and peace kiss. I wonder if that’s why our mothers told us kids to “kiss and make up!”

After the embrace, the healing begins.