Revelation – The Age of the Apocalypse

While the interest in the study of the Book of Revelation is primarily about the events of the end times, it is important that we understand why Jesus began His revelation to John with seven personal letters to seven particular churches in Asia.

  • First, while these seven churches were actual, historical churches in that day, the Lord’s letters were intended for every local church of every age, and even more importantly, The Church of the ages.
  • Second, like the nation of Israel failed in their calling to be God’s representatives on the earth and God had no choice but to chastise them, so the church will also reach that point where it becomes so entangled in the world it can make no difference in the world, and it will face a time of severe persecution.
  • Third, while those believers who remain “faithful” to their calling will be spared from God’s wrath, those who reject Jesus Christ will be vomited out into the time of Tribulation.