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Psalm 85:1-7

The anguish of a broken relationship is not only heart-breaking, it is also gut-wrenching. Whether it’s the disappointment of unmet expectations, the hurt of betrayal or an unexpected breakup, our hearts take a beating. Even though the normal response is “anger, “amidst the pain, there is underlying desire for forgiveness and reconciliation!  

Sometimes—with a lot of hard work and trust—those kinds of relationships can be restored. Sometimes, even when only one person wants to work it out the relationship can be restored; most of the time it won’t be. In that case, perhaps the best one can hope for is an amicable friendship for all involved. Whatever the situation, one thing seems certain: We have to face the hurt before we can begin to heal.

The psalmist speaks of this sad reality with longing. The love God once showed his people had seemingly disappeared. The close bond the people had felt with Him had slipped away. The psalmist’s cries are our cries: “How long?” “Will you be angry forever?” “Will you not come back?” The words are plaintive: “Please, can I have another chance?”

In the Lord’s Prayer, we say these words: “Father, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us!” Translation: “Lord, you have the same mercy upon me that I show to others!”

If you sense God’s presence has diminished in your life, and it seems like He is angry with you today, He may be holding up a mirror of your own heart. Make a list of those whom you need to forgive, and get about it! It doesn’t matter what they did or didn’t do, or even if they were right or wrong, good or bad or indifferent. If you will release them through your forgiveness, God may use that to break their hearts.

Too many people missed the Messiah because their hearts were so filled with hate and anger, they had no place for His love to be revealed. God will not share His heart with anyone or anything. Make you choice!