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Follow the Lamb

“A King and a Priest” Genesis 14:14-24

Date:October 22, 2023
Author: Wayne J. Edwards



The writer of Hebrews referred to a priest named Melchizedek as a pre-incarnate figure of Christ; a man who “resembled the Son of God.” The fact that Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek confirmed his godlikeness.

However, the priesthood of Melchizedek was for a time, and while he may have been the epitome of righteousness in his day, Jesus is the true King of Righteousness, who came to earth to bring peace through His sacrificial death and resurrection. Jesus is also “a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek,” but not through his lineage.

This is the subject of our Sunday night sermon, “A King and a Priest,” as we continue our sermon series entitled “Follow the Lamb.”

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Follow the Lamb
“A King and a Priest”
Genesis 14:14-24

In John 5:39, Jesus told the Jewish religious leaders that the “Scriptures are they which testify of Me!”

  • The “scarlet thread” woven throughout the Old Testament is the prophetic trail of the blood of Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God, whose death paid the wages of the sin of the world.
  • The “signs of the Savior” are in every book of the Bible – the Old Testament pointing to the promise of His coming – the New Testament pointing to the fact of His coming.
  • The Bible says Jesus – the Lamb of God – was slain from the foundation of the world – His death was God’s sovereign plan from the beginning!
  • Therefore, Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to have our sins forgiven, our relationship with God restored, and our assurance of everlasting life.

   Appearing as both King and Priest, Melchizedek – serves as another “type” of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

   The Battle of the Kings: (Genesis 14)

  • The five Kings of the Plain determined to no longer pay taxes (tribute) to King Chedorlaomer.
  • The four Kings of the East declared war on all the nations to their west – destroying cities, killing or taking the people captive as well as their valuables.
  • In God’s sovereignty, they also attacked the Kings of the Plain – including the King of Sodom where Lot, Abram’s nephew lived.
  • The Kings of the East decimated Sodom, and they took Lot and his family with them as captives.
  • A man from Sodom escaped captivity and told Abram that Lot and his family had been taken and were about to be sold as slaves.
  • Even though Abram was reluctant at first, he then decided to take his men and try to rescue Lot and his family and to recover some of their property.
  • After the rescue was completed, the Kings of the Plain desire to express their appreciation to Abram and his men – namely, the King of Sodom and King
    • Abram rejected the expression of thanks from the King of Sodom!
    • Abram accepted the expression of thanks to King Melchizedek, and in so doing, he worshipped Him with his tithes.
    • That act of worship gives us another glimpse of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
  1. The King of Sodom – Vs 17 – “And the King of Sodom went out to meet him.”

   The “King of Sodom” represents the world, and all its temptations and possessions.

  • To show his appreciation for Abram’s bravery in the rescue of his people, the King of Sodom told Abram:
  • You “Give me the persons” – their souls – so they could return to the sin pits of Sodom
  • You “keep the goods to thyself” – the spoil – which could be easily replaced in Sodom.
  • Abram said he had “lifted his hand unto the Lord, the Most High God; possessor of heaven and earth”, (made a vow or a pledge) and he would not take, even a shoelace from the King, lest the King would say that he had made him rich.
  1. The King of Salem – VS 18 – “And Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine – he was the priest of the Most High God – and he blessed him!”

  • “Melchizedek” means – “King of Righteousness!”
  • “Salem” means “Jerusalem” – the city of peace!
  • Melchizedek was the King and Priest of the Most High God, and He served Abram “bread and wine” – symbolic of the Passover and the broken Body and shed Blood of Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God.
  • As a PRIEST, Melchizedek did two important things:
    • He blessed Abram with communion and prayer.
    • He blessed God in prayer for giving Abram victory over his enemies.
  • Abram’s response to the Kings action was:
    • To worship Him by giving Him tithes!

   The writer of Hebrews used this event in Abram’s life to equate Jesus with Melchizedek – identifying Him as a visible manifestation of the Son of God! (Hebrews 7)

  • Melchizedek was:
    • The King of righteousness –
    • The King of Salem –
    • Without father or mother –
  • Abram recognized Melchizedek as being the Priest of the Most High God – sent by God to minister to him, and to be worshipped by him.
    • By paying “tithes” unto Melchizedek, Abram was placing his trust in God as his Provider, Protector, Deliverer and Defender.
    • By paying our “tithes” unto the Lord, we are placing our trust in God to do the same for us.

   Jesus made six major changes in the Priesthood!

  • Only Jesus can make us perfect and acceptable unto God.
  • Only Jesus is qualified to serve as our High Priest.
  • Only Jesus can give us the promise of even drawing nearer to God.
  • Only Jesus can guarantee that God will keep His covenant with lost man.
  • Only Jesus could reduce the number of priests and still have enough for men of every age.
  • Only Jesus – as our Perfect High Priest – can bring about our complete and eternal salvation!
    • He has perfect power Matthew 28:18
    • He had a perfect lifeHebrews 4:15
    • He has made the perfect sacrifice1 Peter 1:18