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Israel and the Purposes of God

What is So Special About Israel # 8

Date:October 4, 2023
Author: Wayne J. Edwards



Beloved, God has not abandoned the Israelites – His CHOSEN PEOPLE. In fact, while the wrath of God that will soon be poured out on the earth is God’s judgment upon those who refused to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, perhaps the primary purpose is to bring that last remnant of the Jews, i.e., those of Abraham’s seed, to repentance. This will be followed by God’s reconciliation and restoration of the land of Israel. Amen!

We will see the reasons for that in tonight’s study: “Israel, and the purposes of God,” or “What is so special about Israel?”

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  The goal of this study was to show how the birth, history, current situation, and future of the Israelites fit into God’s purposes. Over the years, God has allowed His “chosen” people to suffer serious indignation and persecution, even being removed from the land God gave to their forefathers, and scattered all around the world.

   However, God made five covenants with the leaders of the nation of Israel- Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, before establishing the new covenant through Jesus. These covenants progressively and thematically build on one another.

  • God preserved the world through Noah.
  • God initiated redemption through Abraham.
  • God established the nation of Israel through Moses.
  • God promised an eternal shepherd-king through David.
  • God fulfilled all of his covenants through Jesus.

   With each covenant, God’s promises and plans to save the world through the seed of the woman become clearer and clearer until we finally see that redemption can only come through King Jesus. Jesus succeeded at every point where humanity failed. Therefore, Jesus is the guarantor and mediator of the new and better covenant, for now people from every nation, tribe, and tongue who trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord can become a part of God’s covenant family.

   If you notice on the chart, our final study tonight begins in Revelation 16, at the beginning of what Jesus referred to as the Great Tribulation, which is also referred to as “Jacob’s Trouble.”

  • The sixth bowl judgment dries up the Euphrates River so the armies of the world, primarily China, can come against Israel.
  • The fact that the Euphrates River is drying up today has nothing to do with biblical prophecy, because all of the events that must occur before Revelation16 haven’t occurred.
  • However, there will come a day when a decree will be issued, probably by the United Nations, summoning this armies from around the world, to gather at a place that is called Har Mageddon, (from which comes Armageddon), also known as the Valley of Jezreel.

  • However, regarding our study tonight, we know there will be a remnant of Israel that is saved through that battle, and the means of their salvation is the return of the Messiah.
    • Habakkuk 3:13
    • Revelation 19:11-3
    • Matthew 23:39
  • There will also be a restoration of the people of Israel.
    • Ezekiel 37:1-10 – The dry bones do not arise from literal, physical graves. For a Jew to be exiled from Israel is the same as being dead. So, the graves are the various places in the world where the Jews have been scattered, and from where they are now returning to Israel. This will be reunification of Israel and Judah, never to be divided again.
    • Ezekiel 37:15-28
    • Jeremiah 30:18-24

Characteristics of the New Covenant Explained:

  • This covenant is clearly made with both Israel and Judah
  • While the Church does benefit from this covenant, this is not a covenant with the Church, but with the whole house of Israel.
    • Isaiah 29:22-24 – the days will come when Jacob will no longer be ashamed of Israel’s sin.
      • This will be the full and final restoration of the people of Israel to their land AND TO THEIR GOD.
    • Isaiah 30:18-22 – such restoration and reconciliation will come after a period of divine discipline we call the tribulation.
      • At last, their eyes will be opened and they will cry out unto God for salvation.
      • Isaiah 44:1-5 – God called the Jews for a special purpose. We know that purpose has not yet been fulfilled because God has not dealt with them regarding their national sin of rejecting Jesus as the God-sent Messiah. However, as He begins to pour out His Holy Spirit on a dry and thirsty land, all Israel will be included in what is to come.
    • Isaiah 44:22 – all of Israel’s sins will be forgiven.
    • Jeremiah 50:20 – all of their sins will be pardoned.
    • Isaiah 45:17 – all Israel will be saved.
  • The coming of the Messiah will be “a Root” or a “Banner.”
    • Isaiah 11:10-12 – His resting place shall be glorious
    • God is going to set His hand a second time to gather His people from where they have been scattered, and this will be a “banner” for the rest of the world to see.
  • When will the “first” gathering take place?
    • Zephaniah 1:14-18 – Before His wrath is released, God will motivate the Israelites to leave their places of residence and return to the land He gave to their forefathers. This “regathering” has been taking place since 1948.
  • Deuteronomy 30:1-5 – There will be:
    • A time of repentance, as the Jews return to the Lord – a longing to live in the land of their fathers.
    • A time of redemption as the Lord releases them from captivity.
    • A time of regathering, which we are witnessing today.
    • A time of restoration as God will bless their land.
    • A time of regeneration as God prospers them materially and spiritually.
    • With Jesus as their King, every promise of the Mosaic covenant will be kept.
  • This is confirmed in Isaiah 43:5-7
  • Notice the four terms God uses here and compare them with the first and second chapters of Genesis.
  • Called by My name’, with ‘Make in Our image.’
  • Whom I have created’, with ‘God created man.’
  • I have formed him’, with ‘And the Lord formed man’.
  • I have made him’, with ‘God saw everything He had made.’
    • Isaiah 40:2
    • Amos 9:14-15
    • Zechariah 12:1-14
  • However, looking forward, we see there is an ultimate fulfilment of God’s promises and God’s purposes in that the Messiah, who the Jews missed the first time round, will be the king of Israel and will reign from the eternal throne of David.
  • Luke 1:30-33 – Jesus will sit on the throne of David.
  • Jeremiah 33:14-26 – God will keep His promise to Israel.
  • Isaiah 61:4-9 – He will restore Israel to its former glory.
  • Deuteronomy 28:13 – Jerusalem will be the capital of the world.