The Pillar & Ground of Truth

For evil to rise as it has over the last decade, either the Word of God is not the truth it claims to be, or the Word of God is not being preached the way it should be, for the Bible says, to know the truth is to be set free from that which robs us of all God designed us to be. However, according to the latest surveys, there is little difference in the basic morality between those involved in a church and those not involved, which is why we are failing in our witness to the lost.

Every church faces a relentless battle to stay true to the gospel, for the moment a church compromises the gospel, it becomes just another dead religion devoid of the power of God. In his book, “No Place for Truth,” David F. Wells said it more academically, “Unless the evangelical church can recover the truth about what it means to live before a holy God, unless it can rediscover that moral purpose in the world that agrees with the holiness of God, orthodox theology will have no place in our lives. However, if the evangelical church can find a place for theology by focusing on the centrality of God and recover its moral fiber, it will have something to say to a world drowning in modernity.”

This week, we start a new sermon series entitled “The Church: The Pillar and Ground of Truth.” This week’s sermon is entitled “The Recovery of Truth.” 

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