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“See, I have set before you an open door,
and no one can shut it;
for you have a little
strength, have kept M
y word, and have not
denied My name,” Revelation 3:8

The following maps indicate the cities, states, and nations where the gospel is being heard through the live-stream ministry of Heritage Baptist Church. Each yellow flag indicates a location where viewers connected with our website over the last 10-months. The first map shows the lower 48-states of the U.S., and the three others shows all 50-states. The fourth map shows the website views from June 13-19, 2021. Praise the Lord!


Every Sunday millions of people gather around their phones, laptops, computers, or televisions for live-stream worship. We are very thankful for those who choose to log on to the Heritage Baptist Church website to worship God, and to grow in the grace and knowledge of God’s Word. Each week, we receive such reviews as these:

  • “At this time in my life I am applying myself to make up for lost time in my understanding of the Gospel and God’s Prophetic Word. I very much want to develop a wise and discerning spirit and to that end, you have taught me so much. Your messages are deep and varied and filled with tons of content applicable for today’s challenging times.” – a viewer from Florida

  • “Each Sunday morning, several family members and friends gather around the computer at my aunt’s house and they join with the Heritage Family in worship!” – viewer from St. Mary’s Georgia

  • “Blessings from Pakistan!” – Pastor Tariq Marshall

  • “Watching from the Philippines. Amen, Pastor!” – Pastor Duane Advento – Philippines

  • “This has been a wonderful series on Developing a Biblical Worldview.” – viewer in Georgia

  • “I love seeing the whole congregation before the end of the service. Thanks so much, pastor!” – viewer in India

  • “Amen, and Amen! Genuine worship! Not just noise inside the church building!” – viewer in the middle east

  • “Shalom! May we win more souls to Christ in spite of this pandemic!” – viewer in Israel

  • “It is 6:00 AM on Monday in the Philippines! What a blessing to hear God’s Word.”

  • “Praise God! I’m a pastor from Uganda, Africa. We love to worship with you in the ministry of your church.”

  • “Thank you for this truly lovely and meaningful service.” – viewers in New York

   On the day we dedicated this building to the Lord, we learned that the original property owner wanted to build something on it that would reach to the heavens. His daughter told us, “Little did Dad know it would be a church that would reach the world with the gospel!”
Thanks to ALL those who are involved in this global ministry.