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Thanks to the persistence of our volunteer technical staff, we can now give a visual report of our live-stream ministry via our website: The blue dots on these maps represent the places where the people lived who logged on to our website in June. While the number continues to increase, as of the date of this printing we can report:

  • 1204 users – some may be duplicated because they
    logged on more than one time.
  • In 65 countries – the IP addresses for an additional
    173 users were from unknown locations.

This map is from the U.S., Central, and South America.

“The sermon series on the Biblical Worldview is wonderful. Wish I had heard it when I was a teenager.”

“Amen! Thanks for preaching the truth!”

“We love seeing the church filled each Sunday!”

This map is from the UK and other parts of the world

“These sermons from Pastor Wayne are always excellent. They are from the Spirit and very well researched. Please keep posting the links for us to access easily.” – Australia

“I wanted to let you know that I received and appreciate the reading material. I just dove right in. I have finished reading both “Manna in the Morning” and “My Heart – Christ’s Home” and I am currently reading “The Surrendered Life.” This morning I began “Rediscovering Your First Love!” I had fallen away, but the Lord has brought me back and I am thankful. I do feel a sense of urgency to share the gospel with others, and I’m prepared to share the reason for my hope, but I don’t know how. I will continue to study and learn as you suggested.” – Georgia

“Thank you for the reading materials you send to us. We are reading them! We were refreshed by your article regarding Israel– we don’t hear that in our church anymore.” – New York

HBC Ministries in partnership with Mature Ministries:

  • Bibles for a church in Tanzania – in January, we sent funds to purchase 50-Bibles for a church in Tanzania

    “I visited pastor Samwel last week, and met these young men at the church compound. They told me how happy they were to have the Bibles Heritage Baptist Church donated to them.” – Pastor Yusuph

  • A new home for a family in the Philippines –


A few weeks ago, we sent the funds to rebuild a home for a family in the Philippines. Theirs was destroyed by a hurricane. Under the direction of Pastor Duane, the men of the area churches purchased the materials and built the home. The people were so touched by our response to their need, they confessed faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior.



“Greetings Mom Linda. This is the house that you extended help to build. The family is very happy with their bamboo bungalow.”
                              Pastor Duane

  • Discipleship Ministry in Nicaragua –
    •  We train the pastors and provide the materials

    • They train their people and harvest the fruit

“I want to thank Pastor Wayne for teaching me the importance of personal discipleship. I have a church much more quickened in Spirit.” – Pastor Yader, Nicaragua

  • Raincoats and Rubber Boots for 30-children in Nicaragua – through the efforts the HBC children’s mission program, funds were raised to purchase the needed raingear for a few children in Nicaragua.

“Wish you could have seen the faces of the children off camera. They were so excited to try them on. The rain has stopped for two days, but the kids kept saying, ‘we want the rain to come back so we can wear our outfit.’ Thank you for your love and support for these precious children.” – Pastor Abid

While the live-stream ministry is funded through our regular budget offerings, including the mailing of CD’s, and Bible study materials to those who request them, specific projects are funded through your gifts to missions as noted on your offering envelopes. At this time, none of our mission funds are designated to the Cooperative Program of the SBC. – Pastor Wayne