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Psalm 27:1-5

If you could have only one thing this Christmas, what would it be? Good health? Family harmony? World peace? Today, many people try to “buy a feeling!” They think if they give their loved ones the tangible things they want, perhaps the intangible will be returned. Not!

David wished for one thing: to be fully immersed in God’s beauty and truth.One thing I asked of the Lord: to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life and to behold the beauty of the Lord!” Can you imagine being immersed in truth? Can you imagine what it will be like to behold the beauty of the Lord?

If we pursued that kind of intimacy with the Lord, our lives would be at such peace, we could sleep all night, free from worry and doubt, and face each new day with the joy of the Lord as our strength.  

Psychologists say that Christmas is the most stressful time in our lives. Like rats chasing their tails, we become so consumed with the chore of buying things to give to others, we forfeit the peace of mind and heart that Jesus Christ died to give to us! Stop it!