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Isaiah 40:9-11

Waiting! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a baby to come, a check to arrive, the doctor to call or the traffic light to change, waiting can be one of the most challenging things we do. Even with all the modern, time-saving gadgets, and with the information super-highway at our fingertips, we still get bored “waiting” – even for only a few moments!

Isaiah’s people were waiting, too – they were waiting for some sign from God that He had not abandoned them. Their beloved Jerusalem was in ruins and their beloved people were living in exile! Their prayers were seemingly unheard by God, and they needed something to give them hope.

The prophet spoke these words of promise: THE LORD IS COMING! He is strong, able to defeat every foe and every enemy. Yet He is gentle, ready to gather God’s people into His arms and to shelter them from harm.

Our times of waiting can be wasted in worry or they can be invested in worship. Which one do you really think is the most profitable?