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With Grateful Appreciation  

In 1978, my heart was captured with the Christmas musical “The King of Love.” When I presented it to the youth/college choir as a possible cantata, the consensus was that it was too difficult. However, after listening to it several times, the life-changing truth of the message became more important than the challenge of the music, and the rehearsals began. Now, 45 years later, I’m convinced that most of those in that choir could sing every song by memory.

With permission from the Jubilate Music Group, we have included the words from a few of the songs in this wonderful musical in this year’s Advent study. However, to get the full impact, I urge each family to order a CD to use with their daily devotions. Rodger Strader’s beautiful writing and Bob Krogstad’s inspirational musical arrangements will grab your heart and draw your devotion to the Lord Jesus, the King of love.  Wayne J. Edwards

The King of Love, The Christ of Christmas
He came that holy night so long ago.
The King of Love what a wonderful story,
How He from heaven came to earth below.
It was His love that brought Him down,
For us, He was to suffer loss;
A ring of thorns will be His crown,
His kingly throne a cruel cross.  

© 1978 by Triad Music, Inc. All rights reserved
King of Love (
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