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Micah 4:1-5


Micah was a truth-teller – he loved his people enough to tell them the truth. Israel was facing certain defeat at the hands of the mighty Assyrian army, and Micah knew their only chance for survival was to put their trust in God. Yet their worship had become hollow and void of truth.

Micah bravely called the people to give account for their failures, and he painted a picture of what their lives could be if they would return unto God!

Advent can be a truth-telling time if we allow it to be. Sadly, most of us get so caught up in the holiday that we forget it should be a holy day. In fact, the word “Christmas” is a combination of the words “Christ” and “Mass” – and according to the Roman Catholic Church, it means “Christ’s Death,” and it always includes the observance of communion.

Even though Protestants still continue to call the observance “Christmas,” they have interpreted it to mean “Christ-worship”; the recognition of His birth, for sure, but also the purpose for His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection, and His promise of a soon return.

Advent should be a time of truth for us, a chance to refocus our lives and to repent of those areas where we have “merged with the world.” If the Prophet Micah came to you today and said: “Return to God”, what would that mean to you? Truth-tellers are hard to listen to, but I urge you to let Micah be that truth-teller in your life today!


When I was but a youngster, Christmas meant one thing. That I’d be getting lots of toys that day.
I learned a whole lot different, when my mother sat me down, and taught me spell Christmas, this way.

“C” is for the Christ-Child, born upon this day.

“H” for herald angels in the night

“R” means our Redeemer

“I” means Israel

“S” is for the star that shone so bright

“T” is for three wise men; they who traveled far

“M” is for the manger where He lay

“A’s” for all He stands for

“S” means shepherd’s cane

And that’s why there’s a Christmas Day
And that’s why there’s a Christmas Day

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