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HBC Missions Report
August, 2021

Live Stream:

  • 1,478 website visits
  • From:
  • 77 Countries and one foreign territory
  • 48 states and Washington DC
  • Including:
    • 634 visits from viewers in the United States
    • 190 visits from viewers in Georgia


  • 7569 Total views
    • 1450 – The Battle for the Ages
    • 1387 – The Rapture of the Church # 1
    • 1,226 – The Rapture of the Church # 2
    • 1,197 – The Prophetic Nature of the Bible
    • 1,031 – Two Events that Precede the Day of the Lord
    • YouTube:
      • Average viewers per week – 35
      • Viewers on Sunday, August 15 – 85

Each symbol represents a location where someone logged on to Some are repeats as one person may have logged on several times.

This map is from the U.S and Canada:

This map is from Central and South America:

This map is from the UK and other parts of the world.

“The emails of your worship outline and sermon notes are incredibly helpful, inspiring, and informative. You are addressing issues that are relevant and with a Biblical approach, unlike just about anyone else. God bless you for taking on the challenging issues of our day and doing it with boldness and truth. You are a mighty warrior for the Gospel. Blessings, Gerald Harris

 “This just so good and encouraging. You address the times as they are. One of the very few around!” May God Bless You Richly, Alistair

 “What a timely and well-prepared message for all who are looking forward to and be equipped for the progression of the end times events.  Teaching the order of events, to be prepared to expect the events to unfold, and how to be included in being lifted up before the tribulation. See how world events were prophesied in the scripture thousands of years ago, and how the world is heading toward the return of Jesus. Important teaching! Compelling listening!” –  Concerned Sydneysider

Lay Bible Institute:

  • With permission from the producers, Heritage now Livestreams our Sunday evening Bible study: “Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically.”

  • 18-students are enrolled in the in-person class

  • 22-students are enrolled in the Livestream class

  • 40+ computers were logged on to the website during the class time on Sunday, August 29, which means others are viewing but not enrolled.

 “I am repentant after today’s lesson! When did I make God so small in my thinking and take for granted His faithfulness? Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this study.”

“The Scriptures have become more alive to me than ever! Thank you for live-streaming this Bible study.”  

“So enjoyed this week’s Bible study. It opened my eyes to see how tiny I really am and how gigantic my God really is. This study has revealed my need to get closer to God. I repent and pray for God to open my eyes and my heart each time I read His Word. Thank you for the study!”

  • 7-students are enrolled in the second level of the Bible study: “Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty.”